Friday, 4 August 2017

Beadnell Bay

 I've just come back from a  week spent at Beadnell Bay, Northumberland with the bereavement group. I couldn't bring myself to think of it as  a "holiday" as holidays were things which I went on with Kev and this was a totally different experience. It was however a break away and, although it had difficult moments and one morning spent walking in tears along the beach, it was in many ways a positive experience, a chance to meet new friends and try to enjoy life in some measure. I had some nice boat trips around the Farne Islands where I saw
seals and puffins. I had two meals at the Craster Arms in the village, good company, a fair bit of wine, some ice cream and some sunshine. So many people seemed to think it was very constructive that I was joining a break like this less than a year after being widowed. I didn't feel I'd done anything particularly brave, I don't find meeting new people particularly daunting and at least this option gave me company. If I had been on my own all the time, it would have finished me off but there was a trip out somewhere every day and evening meet ups for meals/ pub/ beach barbecue every night.
I was quite glad to come home but overall it was a positive experience, one I would most likely try again if it coincides with the summer holidays again next year.

For reasons of privacy I won't post pictures of the people - but the dogs - lovely dogs which were there in abundance are another matter!


  1. Hello Suem!
    I think it was a good idea to get away and spend some time with nice people. I can't even imagine what life is like when you have to get used to being alone , but you seem to cope rather well from time to time.
    Even if you didn't call this trip a holiday, it was worth while and the scenery on the pictures looks comforting and beautiful.
    I wish you more bright and comforting days to come! Bless you!

  2. It was worth going and you've got to keep pushing yourself to do things.

  3. The photo of the dogs is so special and says so much.