Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Getting out

Went to see Jane Eyre at the Lowry yesterday, it was a good production which explored themes such as madness, not just that of Rochester's insane wife but the madness of life in general. It was clearly a feminist take, quite rightly in my opinion as the book is very much about individual autonomy and the struggle women faced in the 19th century to live with dignity and freedom. Of course, this is still the case in so much of the world for women and often men as well. I love 19th century novels in general, no doubt marking me out as a bit of a girly swot, so it was an adaptation of a work of which I am very fond, although I think the much neglected Villette to be infinitely superior.It was also a positive day out with friends, a meal and lot of talk, mainly about the play, our families and inevitably current affairs both home and abroad.  As we were leaving the theatre, someone called my name, it was a former student who is now studying drama and we  managed a brief catch up, it was lovely to see him again. Part of me had dreaded going yesterday but it did make me feel a bit more part of the real world which is still out there and still carries on

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