Monday, 17 April 2017


The support group I've joined organised an Easter Monday meal in Manchester today. I am very lucky to have met two members who live in the same town as me and one who is slightly further afield. We all seem to get on really well and try to have coffee together regularly and attend events. Three of us met up today at the train station and travelled in together for the meal and some shopping.
It was also lovely to spend Easter Sunday yesterday with both my sons at home- the youngest goes back to university next week. I cooked a roast lamb meal which seemed to be very much appreciated and  we followed it up with rhubarb pie and custard.
It has been weird this year as I have not attended an Easter service. I think it is the first time in my entire life that I have not gone to church on Easter Sunday. The levels of anxiety and the flashback dreams I've had have meant that I haven't been able to go to church or to Quaker meeting since the funeral. In some ways this is distressing because I feel that it is another loss. But God occupies the secular world and all our encounters and experiences if we let him and I knew as soon as I saw the Easter Monday meal announced on the site that it would be my fellowship and communion for this Easter. And so it has been.


  1. Brilliant! 2nd step. The next will be even better. Continuing prayers and blessings Sue.

  2. Thanks Ray.
    I've also booked into a holiday that the group has organised in the summer holidays. One of the women I met is going and asked me if I wanted to. Can't decide if I've been brave or stupid but have already had a lovely email from the group organiser saying there are plenty of group activities/ meals together that week which you can opt in or out of as you choose. I think it will be OK...