Saturday, 4 February 2017

Weekend visit

My younger son and his girlfriend are visiting this weekend. They were here when I got home from work on Friday night. The first thing lovely son said after he'd greeted me was that they were going to take  me out for lunch today. How grown up he is getting, I thought. The second thing he said was that he had brought his washing home... two large bags of it... so maybe things don't change that much after all:)
It is good to have them both here, the house feels a lot more like home with people coming and going. I've also enjoyed talking to them, about all sorts of subjects, trivial and serious. I have my eldest son at home but he is quieter and often out at work at the weekends; today made me realise how much I miss conversation.
 I've been vaguely following the news from America, but because I feel low at the moment, it just depresses me so much to hear how awful things are and reinforces my feelings of futility so I try to switch off to an extent and let it all wash over me. My son's girlfriend is a Muslim so they both feel quite strongly about what is happening and I feel on their behalf. If you are a parent, you will know how that feels.
So, a grim and gloomy world at the moment, I was sickened that Trump brought out his ban on Syrian refugees on Holocaust Memorial Day. Do we never learn from history? In a world which can be so cruel and painful, why do we make things worse by our actions to each other? 
We went to the Wizard of Edge in Alderley Edge for our lunch. I had the soup which was pumpkin, (very Harry Potter) and a pulled pork burger with chips and salad. It left me feeling very full and I couldn't manage anything else to eat for the rest of the day, said son has been nagging me about whether I am eating enough. I am amused at him turning the tables and  giving me a lecture, he really is growing up...


  1. It's good to hear that your son is reversing roles, on the whole a good thing. Just beware of the "what time do you call this?" when you come home half an hour later than usual.
    Seriously, I am really glad to know you are being taken care of.

  2. *smiling at Ray's comment*
    I think he quite enjoys the role of "responsible and grown up son" (but he still left me to sort all his washing...) I am truly glad to have them around; family really are the only ones who go on caring for very long.