Sunday, 26 February 2017

Oxford weekend

The Vaults garden
Just back from a weekend visiting my son in Oxford. My son had arranged accommodation in Jesus College and managed to get me a (free) formal dinner in the college hall on Friday. We also spent Friday afternoon just browsing around Oxford and had soup and the most wonderful peanut butter and banana cake in the vaults teashop gardens.
On Saturday son drove me and his girlfriend to Blenheim Palace and we even walked in the grounds despite drizzle and rain!

 In the evening, I treated them to meal at TheTrout at Wolvercote, it was always one of Kev’s favourite places to visit, so that was quite hard. This morning son had boxing training (it is the Varsity match very soon) and so I went to St Michael’s church near Jesus College- sung Matins which brought back childhood memories. In one of our churches, most of the congregation was so tone deaf that my dad used to parody the end of the Te Deum , Lord vouchsafe to keep us this day without sing, he would say to us on our way to service. The choir at St Michael’s in complete contrast were amazing, such beautiful singing. We then went somewhere Matt recommended for bagels and  ice cream; the photo above is my ice cream about half finished. By then it was starting to be a struggle but I persevered valiantly...
It was a good weekend, difficult in many ways because there were so many memories everywhere, but my son really wanted me to go down and I was glad that I did.


  1. It sound a really wonderful weekend Sue. Packed with so many things and in such a lovely setting too. I'm so glad you are able to enjoy things even just a little.
    Every blessing.

  2. Thanks Ray. I think that is the shocking thing about grief. I used to have a real zest for life and now I simply don't enjoy life any more, even food doesn't taste the same! I do like to see my sons though. I keep going through the motions of doing things and hoping one day it might translate into something that has more meaning.
    Blessings to you too.

  3. I keep wanting to encourage you, Suem, but really it is just I want you to know I am here now and listening and praying for things to ease a bit.