Saturday, 28 January 2017

House of Bishops report

I've had a friend message me about this report from the House of Bishops. I really want to say to her that she is not, and never was,  a child of the Church but she is, and will always be, a child of God. The last time I said something similar, I got a long message about vocation and commitment to the Church.
I feel frustrated on behalf of some of my friends because  this is very predictable.I can't believe they can't see that this is going to happen again and again until the Church is dead.
Oh well, I have more pressing things to think about. I am so glad I am not committed enough to care but I am feeling for some people today.

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  1. It so happens that I have a close friend for whom this report is deeply affecting, though he is a priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church. He is gay and has been instrumental in helping the SEC to reach a more humane approach, yet he is willing to be open and to share much of his struggles for justice. If you are interested you will find his blog at "What's in Kelvin's Head" Maybe it is too soon for your to be able to read any of this, but this is just in case.