Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ascending and descending

If you, or anyone you know, has suffered the stress of waiting for exam results then I am sure you will feel for me when I say that I've been through more than twenty five "results days"! I can't claim that the anxiety is quite the same as waiting for your own A level results, or (worse) those of a son or daughter, but it is stressful and it is also true that you can multiply the situation many-fold. This year, if you include my tutor groups, I had over 120 students' results to worry about.
I am an inveterate worrier despite people always commenting that I seem so calm, and waiting for results doesn't seem to get any easy as I get older, usually occasioning at least one sleepless night. I worry about the marking, the coursework, the exam questions, the students with problems, the students with low expectations, the students with high expectations. Then after the results have come out I worry about any problems that have emerged, what I could have done or not done, said or not said.
I am happy to report that generally this year ran pretty smoothly although there are always some inevitable glitches. I got home late afternoon and I went on facebook to try and relax, then I went out for a walk to try to relax, then I had a glass of wine to try to relax. The wine was pretty effective and now I feel quite relaxed- at least until next week when the new intake come in to enrol, other students return, and it all starts over again...