Sunday, 10 July 2016

The first day of summer

College broke up to students over a week ago and then we had a fairly full on week of local schools taster days (yikes, thirteen year olds!)  and family fun days. We have now fully broken up at least a week earlier or so earlier than the schools, although it should be noted that we return much earlier too. Yesterday we began the holidays by driving to Shrewsbury to attend a friend's ordination to become a deacon in the Roman Catholic church.
I don't know about you but I am still reeling from the vote to leave, mainly because I think is likely to have very serious consequences for our country and its prospects and also because of what it tells me about the current state of people's lives and their attitudes. It has to be admitted that neither side has covered themselves with glory in the whole campaign and its aftermath and the recent row over Andrea Leadsom's ludicrous "motherhood" comments is truly depressing. Is this what political debate has descended to? Must we really resign ourselves to leaders who are either self serving, really stupid or frequently both?
This is why yesterday felt like a much needed balm to the soul. I could never be a Roman Catholic, on all sorts of levels it just does not appeal to me, however I have no doubts that the friend we saw ordained is one of those people who lives to serve others. The "only" reward that he gains from this service is the fulfillment that it brings and there is a joy and contentment in his life that just radiates from him. One of the things I am pretty sure about is that the recent events in Britain, the reasons why many people voted,and the reason why we have seen such a disastrous fall out,is because our actions are fuelled by fear or greed and not by trust, love or the desire to serve.
I found it heartening yesterday to remember that when life is hard, when our politicians let us down, our economy fails, our circumstances are difficult, and the human race fights and bickers,there are still those who look to see where need is and to serve. Where there is still the possibility of service to others and service to God then there is hope and purpose.

God our Father,
extend our horizons, widen our vision,
and remind us how inter-connected we all are.
Breathe your Spirit into us
that we may live more truly
as brothers and sisters of one another.

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