Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Britain, Brexit and a Bloody difficult woman

It is a little bit worrying when you discover that you actually feel relief at the thought of Theresa May as Prime Minister, yet relief I did feel in comparison to the others, although you have to consider just who the "others" are... Boris... Gove...Leadsom. 'Nuff said really. Yet I found myself thinking that it was a good speech from Theresa May, one which at times might almost have come from someone who wasn't a Conservative at all...she even said she was thinking of all those struggling to make ends meet. Nice that they are being thought about now I suppose after over six years of Tory power in some guise or other...better late than never as they say.
Despite my scepticism, it is clear that May is determined to at least attempt the well nigh impossible task of uniting the country, of reaching out to those who are disaffected and hostile, of offering some leadership and semblance of stability.  If she is a bloody difficult woman, that could be just as well as she is going to need cojones of steel for what lies ahead. When I begin to feel hope though, I wonder if it might just be a kind of political version of Stockholm syndrome, that place of despair where you begin to believe that those responsible for whatever horrific predicament you are in are all you have to cling to. And in truth, with the Labour party imploding before our eyes, there is no-one else around.
Just stop and digest that one for a moment; it is really bad news, good opposition is vital to democracy.
Of course, we don't know what tomorrow will bring, so at the moment it is a case of wait and see and hope against hope that words a politician speaks might bear some resemblance to the truth or to their real intentions, that the other side might get their act together, that there might be something, somehow, light at the end of the tunnel, a cunning plan...
Only time will tell and I am sure you will forgive me if I reserve judgement for now.


  1. I so agree with you Sue. I too was impressed by the speech, but also back in my normal cynical suspicious mode aware that it was just that, a speech.
    The aims as you said could have come from someone of a very different political complexion, it just now remains to be seen whether actions follow words.

  2. Indeed Ray, words are cheap. At the same time we do need hope (and a future.) If she can do it and hold this country together, I will applaud her.