Saturday, 25 June 2016

Brexit Britain

I really don't have time at the moment to do justice to my feelings of despair at the result of the referendum but this article from Jonathan Freedland in The Guardian reflects a lot of my concerns.

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  1. Ouch!
    Those where very clear and brave words. For us nonbritish, we fail to see the gain in leaving. We can argue about the riddicoulus debates and decisions taken in Brussels, but in the end, no one really, actually knows what we would have instead, were we all to leave the EU. I fear the Brexit-voices don't have a clear, sane and functional plan for the future, covering the questionmarks and warnings in that article. If they do, I hope they will show it soon. Thank you, Suem, we need facts so we can manage grasping this!! I see it clearer now, I think.