Monday, 8 February 2016

When the rain is blowing in your face

I am well and truly sick and tired of the rain at the moment. I suppose I should be thankful I am not down South where apparently they have had it worse than us this time. I suppose I should also be glad I wasn't personally affected by the New Year floods - and yet,  I just want to see a tiny bit of sunshine.  I can't quite get used to them naming our storms, it makes me feel like I live in a hurricane zone. It also makes it easier to take the whole thing personally,we've got storm Imogen to thank for the current downpour, a name which always brought to mind a decidedly middle class girl but now says bad tempered hag. Roll on spring!
This evening a trip down the gym seemed the likeliest way to dispel the rainy day blues, and sure enough that old endorphin hit seemed to do the trick I headed back feeling warm despite being buffeted by the wind and rain. Now I am definitely hungry and looking forward to my evening meal which is pizza, something we rarely eat and not the healthiest but we are going to supplement it with salad, beans and hummus.
I am still taking time to appreciate my Christmas gifts and reflecting on the quality of the hand cream that ended up in my stocking, courtesy of FC, of course. In case any hand cream aficionados are reading this blog (improbable), I can recommend Aveeno and Kamill. Anyhow, here is a teensy present for everyone- to cheer you up when the rain is blowing in your face.

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