Monday, 11 January 2016


One of the items on my Christmas list this year was some Marks and Spencer's thermal socks. I wear them a lot in the winter- we don't put the heating on that much- and my old pairs were getting decidedly threadbare. However the extremely warm December made me wonder whether I would ever need a pair of thermal socks again! So this sudden cold, or at least colder, snap has had the benefit of allowing me to break into said socks and very warm and cosy they are. In line with the £20 pound Christmas present spending rule (which Mr M broke...), I  am taking the time to really appreciate everything I received for Christmas this year.
I know there possibly more important things going on in the world than my socks- news of David Bowie's death, possible schism in Anglicanism and so on, but where would we be without socks I ask myself? Makes you think, huh?

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