Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday night

I wrote in a post last week about the likely feelings of Justin Welby facing the start of the Primates meeting last Monday and posted this little clip. I've been down the gym doing my Friday evening stint and seen Welby "apologising" to LGBT people. He doesn't look a happy man. Despite the fact schism has been avoided,  the archbish looked like someone who knows things just aren't good and, it may be my imagination, but he looked a little shrunken as though he felt that the church he leads looks that bit more shoddy and shabby than it even did before.  In spite of brave talk of no victors or vanquished, this was never a win-lose situation and always a lose-lose situation for so many people and most of all for the Church itself.
Sometimes Friday night feels worse than the dreariest Monday morning.

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