Thursday, 7 January 2016

Dragging on?

 You may or may not  have caught wind of the fact that the next big event in the Anglican Communion takes place this coming Monday at Canterbury in the form of a Primates' meeting. Nobody cares knows what will happen in this meeting. The press seem to fervently hope there will be a major punch up (metaphorically obviously), there are comments along the lines that the Anglican Communion is "at a crossroads" (again? still?) and some reports that Uganda will walk out or alternatively that there will be a good disagreement.
Like everyone else, I don't really care. If had a choice, I would always go for agreeing to disagree, if that's not possible then a parting of the ways seems fair enough to me, after all what could be more excruciating than things dragging on like this? If you are bothered, Mark Harris tries to explain why it matters. You might spare a thought for Justin Welby who possibly will be looking forward to Monday morning even less than the rest of us. I've no idea how long this Anglican shindig is planned to last- hopefully it will be over by Friday for his sake.

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