Monday, 26 October 2015

Tax credit reforms defeated in Lords

I know that we have to cut the deficit and I am all for reducing welfare dependency in ways that help people take responsibility for their lives, but I am overjoyed that the Lords has voted against the Government's proposed changes to tax credits as I feel these hugely and disproportionately would have affected the poorest and most vulnerable in society. My concern is that this is only a delay. My hope is that it will lead the Government to genuinely reconsider and craft changes that are more carefully thought out. I don't like the threatening noises about the role of the Lords at all.
I have been following the debate this evening and, for the time being, I am glad and thankful. Plus it is very satisfying to see George Osborne looking so riled...

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I agree. This time however, I think Osborne will be overwhelmed by public opinion to such an extent that he will have to rethink his personal agenda.
    This Government can't afford to lose any more supporters.