Friday, 30 October 2015


Just sometimes the work stops and Mr M and I go away and enjoy ourselves! We've just come back from two nights in Amsterdam. We arrived at 1.40 on Tuesday and our flight back wasn't until yesterday evening, so we got a good two and half days. We opted for a pretty basic hotel as we were going to be largely out there hitting the night spots... (hahahaha) Seriously though, we just needed somewhere to sleep and a base. My feet do now ache as we did lot of walking; we also managed a fair bit of sitting, drinking and eating in cafes and restaurants by the canal. The weather was lovely, really warm, especially on Tuesday and Thursday. We visited a few sights, some free places such as gardens, others cultural, the Royal Palace in particular and we also queued for ages to go round Anne Frank's house. I last visited Amsterdam when I was about twelve and remember wanting to go to then but not getting the opportunity, so having waited for... quite a few years...waiting a bit longer seemed fair enough:) Mr M spent a fair bit of time sampling cheese in one of the many shops devoted to that product and deliberating between the choice of mustard, cumin or pepper. In the end he bought a large round of cheese to bring home, despite my reminders that it is not good for him :) He says the cheese is all his...
 One luxury of going away is the chance to eat food that you don't have to prepare, cook or clear up from. Our first evening we had lamb shank, seared sprouts and carrot and parsnip puree followed by buttermilk pancakes, poached pear and ice-cream. It was delicious but the meal was on the pricey side for us. The second evening we headed off to the Red Light District for Thai food at The Bird,  reasonable prices and huge portions which were absolutely delicious, I recommend it. We finished off yesterday with a breakfast of  tea, coffee,pastries and cookies in Vondel park and a midday meal of tomato soup, weiss bier and bitterballen in the sunshine at the Dutch Table restaurant. I am glad I do not know how many calories we managed to fit into two and a half days. Let's just say that, apart from a largish cheese which needs eating, it is back something a bit more abstemious now!

Vondel Park right next to the hotel so it was our breakfast spot

In the Royal Palace

You see outdoor chess sets so often on the Continent. We didn't have time to play,

Rijksmuseum gardens