Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Summer time...

I've become slightly obsessed by the weather recently simply because I am so sick and tired of the chilly, rainy days we've been having here.Today has been glorious (why does it only happen when I am at work?), the weekend was frankly a wash out although we managed a walk on Saturday afternoon in what was maybe the only dry spell. My garden, and especially my modest little collection of veg pots, seem to be suffering for the lack of sun. The radishes, which are usually the easiest things to grow, have failed to thrive, producing tall thin yellowing leaves and spindly little radishes as though craving some light and warmth - I feel their pain. The potato plants, all three of them, thrived better. I planted them in March and we have eaten two lots already. One pot was dug up early yielding a dinner of delicious little new potatoes which we had with quiche and partly homegrown salad- the early radishes did better. The second pot which I only dug up a month or so later contained some fairly large spuds and we still have some out in the garage. The final pot is the deepest so I am going to leave it as long as possible, maybe until the foliage dies, although I will keep an eye out for blight. I am growing lettuces in buckets and they seem quite happy with the gloom and drizzle, both the Butterhead and the Lollo Rosso are doing well. One lot ended up in a salad last week and I have another coming on. I have, without much optimism, planted some more radishes this evening which is sure to jinx the sun for a while...
Work is winding down a little as we come on towards the summer holiday. It should be winding down a little more, for instance I didn't get home until nine one day last week (an Awards evening) and I will be out until ten this week (an Open evening) plus we have had evening training one evening a week for the last three weeks. I am also organising several end of term talks (Higher Education stuff) and we are trying to write new schemes of work for the syllabus changes- A Levels are being reformed next year. This will unfortunately be an ongoing task through the summer as well. However, the huge bonus of this time of year is less marking as we do not set weekly essays as we do in the run up to the exams and no coursework marking. This has freed up more time at the weekend although it has not, I know, resulted in an increase in blog posts mainly because I have just lost the impetus. Anyhow, today has been lovely, and at least I got home early enough to potter, blog and plant radishes. Then it will be the holidays and I can enjoy more of my very simple life as well as a nice holiday to Turkey where we will at least be guaranteed to see some of the yellow stuff!

Lettuce- as yet untouched by the slugs

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