Friday, 17 April 2015

Remembering Bess

A very sad day yesterday as we had to take our lovely little West Highland Terrier to be put to sleep. She has for some time been suffering with Westie Lung Disease or idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a horrible condition in which the lungs become progressively scarred and breathing is more and more difficult. Bessie was diagnosed last year and the prognosis was that we would lose her around November/ December. The fact that she made it until April allowed her to have a few weeks enjoying some of the nice weather we have had recently; she thoroughly enjoyed sitting in her garden on sunny days and we even managed some walks down the canal although we had to go very slowly for her.

I feel incredibly sad today;  the house seems so quiet and empty without her. She was such an affectionate and sociable little dog and she was always by our side and  came to greet us, ears down and tail wagging when one of us came home. I do know however that we made the right decision yesterday as just over this last day or so she had deteriorated dramatically and was clearly struggling to breathe . I have already realised that there will be lots of reminders of Bessie but my main memory will be of her in her garden sniffing the breeze or walking down the canal, a place we all loved.
Sniffing slowly down the towpath

At the dog friendly cafe. We would have tea, the waiter would bring Bess doggie treats!

Water supplied

Waterside Cafe. Owners also welcome

Daffodils on our walk


  1. So very sorry to hear about little Bess. It is the one thing we can do for them when life gets too hard for them, but is an awful decision to have to make.
    At least she had a bonus Spring.
    Try not to be too sad Sue.

  2. Thanks Ray. Am trying and thinking about the blessings but will have to be a little bit sad:)

  3. So sorry for your loss, Sue. Such a hard decision to have to take. Westies are such endearing little dogs and we are all dreading the day my sister's now 13 year-old Westie is no longer with us.

  4. Thanks Perpetua. I am really missing her! Hope your sister's Westie has as much time as possible, thirteen is doing so well. Bess was just short of nine years old but this is a typical age for death from Westie Lung which is congenital, so nothing we could have done differently.

  5. Such sad news. I remember having my collie put down nearly 20 years ago after a diagnosis of a brain tumour after a stroke. Look after yourself; I know it is cliche but time is the best healer. This is often used to tell people to shut up and edit emotions but I think, and hope, that it should really encourage us to appreciate that loss and grieving is slow process that we can't take a detour around and a necessary part of being a loving person.

  6. Thank you. We went to collect her ashes from the vet today. So sad.

  7. Sorry to read that.....I have now had to have two goldens put down in old age and it's one of the hardest decision we least you know now she is out of pain...