Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday in the garden

I've had, or rather am having a full day off work today. After church we took the dog for a walk, then the gym and the afternoon has been spent in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. I've planted out my little kitchen garden, which is comprised of several pots and containers on the patio with radishes, salad veg and potatoes. Kev has been started preparing the ground for a vegetable patch in the place of some trees he felled last year. It will be a bit of a project and I am unlikely to be able to plant veg in it until next spring I think.

 It has really done me good to have a whole day off. I really do have to work tomorrow if I am going to get through my coursework marking and preparation for this holiday, I've calculated I need to work eight  to nine days over the fifteen days holiday, either in whole days or half days. A full day with no marking or preparation has become a rare event recently as I am currently marking coursework for every single group I teach on top of other work related responsibilities such as organising awards evenings.
We were asked in church today what we need to change in our lives. I really need to change something about work, either to find different work or to find ways of coping with it more effectively. I saw this on facebook yesterday and it helped a little.

The weather should be nice this week so I am determined to work half days. If I can get up early and do a couple of hours sustained marking then I should be able to manage some afternoons out in the garden and walking the dog down the canal (hopefully planned for tomorrow.) After the boost a day off has given me today, I think it is essential.


  1. I think you're absolutely right Suem. There is nothing worse than being so bogged down with work that you stop living. Easily done and not easily remedied. Everyone needs wind-down time and stop and stare time.
    Without it we become less than human.
    Enjoy :-)

  2. People who say that teachers' holidays are too long haven't a clue what they are talking about. This is so reminiscent of DH's years as a teacher. :( I do hope you manage more than one full day off, Sue.

  3. Thanks Ray. I am determined to find some more of that stop and stare time:)