Friday, 20 February 2015

Half term

I think I mentioned at Christmas that the next few months would be wiped out with marking mocks and coursework? Well the coursework marathon started this half term with work from every single group. I marked from Saturday until Wednesday which wasn't great. I did go to sleep at night (!) managed to fit in a few trips the gym, ate some pancakes Tuesday lunchtime and the wonderful Mr M took me out for a curry on Tuesday evening , otherwise it was pretty non stop. I prepared lessons yesterday, which is more fun than marking. I have now FINISHED completely and the rest of half term is pretty much my own.
So far the only Lenten discipline has been the amount of work I had- quite enough as far as I am concerned. Today was very definitely down time and I met a friend in Knutsford for lunch. I had a delicious seafood pasta dish followed by the tempting trio of puds featured above. We then wandered around Knutsford and went walking in the park. It was lovely to catch up with someone I haven't seen for a while and so good to just have some free time. I now have a whole work free weekend ahead, a luxury I intend to enjoy!

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