Sunday, 4 January 2015

The turning of the year

I really have had a relaxing Christmas and New Year. The reason for this, in spite of family staying and having open house on New Year's Eve, was that I had less marking than usual as we have rejigged the structure of our A2 English Literature coursework and the mammoth essay marking won't take place until around February. That it will follow hot on the heels of the equally mammoth task of marking the January mock exams is something I am trying not to think about too much at the moment.
Our scaled down twenty pound Christmas worked much better- well it did for me anyhow. It was lovely to have  friends and neighbours around for New Year. We seemed to acquire more alcohol in the form of gifts of wine/ beer than we all managed to drink, as well as some beautiful flowers which are now in full bloom and which I am enjoying. Mr M likes to set out a generous table for New Year, including chilli, chicken wings, all sort of cheeses, salad and dips. A slight drawback is the need to eat up the New Year's leftovers. I hate food waste and try to throw away as little as possible and this year we have just about managed it. I am not really complaining about all the yummy food around though. Mr M baked cranberry and white chocolate biscotti on New Year's Eve and I am still enjoying "finishing it off."
Flower gifts- we rarely buy flowers ourselves
New Year biscotti

Walking the dog
You can just see the ice on the lake
 I tried to take things easy today and squeeze as much as possible out of the holiday before returning to work. Kev came to church with me this morning and then we took the dog for a walk around a local park, the lake was partly frozen and looked rather beautiful while some very hungry ducks were glad of the stale bread that we took. This afternoon I spent some time bagging up compost in the garden, our composter is full so I need to make space for more veg peelings. It will all be used as I intend to buy some seed potatoes come February and just grow them in any old sacks or containers.

On a final note, I never make New Year's resolutions. I often make resolutions (and frequently break them) but resolutions at New Year just sets you up for failure!


  1. Re: resolutions, I always think of the lyric in Deacon Blues’ ‘Twist & Shout’:

    ‘And so it’s April and the things that you say, don’t seem as certain as at Hogmanay...’

    In fact I’ve never really been one for celebrating New Year – as a child it usually resulted in a family row and a violence of some description. I can’t remember off the top of my head the last time I celebrated New Year. I think it was either in Muswell Hill or Waterville, Co. Kerry, Eire – and if it was the latter then it was for 2000...

    My partner and I usually watch a film... And then shuffle off to bed around 1am. In fact I was working until 8pm on this last New Year’s Eve as it was my last day in that job – so worked late to tidy up loose ends. My train journey took me through central London and at Blackfriars to the train filled with New Year revellers en route to Farringdon, King’s Cross or out of London. Meanwhile I sat there with a face as long as a fiddler’s elbow as the situation with my father (see my own blog) was going from bad to worse. Things better today – he’s coming home from hospital – but as I’ve just said to my sister, we’re on a plateau at present, but the general direction is downhill!

    Anyway, glad you had a good new year! Perhaps next year we’ll do something – and who knows we could be almost neighbours if I end up working at one of the Manchester unis – Cheshire has been earmarked as a potential place to live!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Just read your blog post and I am sorry to hear of the latest turn of events.I hope your father picks up soon, or that if things deteriorate further that they are not too lingering.Do let me know if you get a job based at Manchester uni or thereabouts. Best wishes for your New Year whatever happens!

  3. Things not good, I've just spoken with him on the phone and it was a load of rambling nonsense - a thought struck me on New Year's Eve that I might never have a sensible conversation with my father again... I have preciously little evidence I need change this assessment at present...