Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas holiday

Thank goodness term has ended at last! It seems to have been an incredibly long one and, despite having stepped down from some of my roles, I seem as busy as ever. This may be due to the fact that I have also foolishly taken on some other roles (for less pay) and I am teaching a new A2 English Language syllabus for the first time... Still that moment when I pulled up on the drive yesterday and thought about two weeks to spend with family was delicious; also pure nectar was the sensation of waking up this morning to no alarm and the prospect of a whole weekend when I am not going to do any sodding marking. So this is a quick catch up on recent events and thoughts.
First of all I was pleased to hear the news this week that Libby Lane is to be the Church of England's first woman bishop, although you may have gathered that I still think this appointment is overdue by a few decades. It also seems either very fitting or very ironic that she is within the Chester diocese which certainly didn't have the best track record of voting for the admission of women to the Episcopate.
The massacre of school children in Peshawar is another horrifying indication of what extremist will do in the name of religion. It made me think of how Christmas, which we often see in terms of saccharine nativity scenes, is hemmed in by St Stephen's Day to Holy Innocents, days which commemorate violence and atrocity and remind us of the call to be liberated from cruelty and the misuse of power. I do hope that attitudes in Pakistan will now harden against the Taliban and that the anger and outrage felt can be channeled against extremism and atrocity.
Another news item that caught my attention was the one about obesity being a disability- I only caught an interview about this briefly on the news and so may have a sketchy idea of the context but it made me snort disparagingly. Fortunately I was listening on my own so nobody else had to suffer the disparaging snort, but the woman attempting to make the case for obesity, or the effects of obesity, being a disability made it so badly that that alone excited contempt. Surely a disability is a condition which you can do nothing about and not one you have inflicted on yourself and for which you can take remedial action? Apparently most UK adults are now overweight and although I can be very sympathetic about this there's still no need to go absolving people from taking responsibility for their actions.
Treat yourself?
Anyhow, I do hope anyone still reading this blog wasn't  about to tuck into that second, third or fourth mince pie and ho, ho, ho, I'm still feeling upbeat because it's the holidays! :)

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