Monday, 3 November 2014

Weekend away

We headed down South this past weekend partly to enjoy a half term break away but also so that we could see our son, as I explained to Mr M, I just needed to "lay eyes on him and check he looks OK." The good news was that he did indeed look  and sound OK. He reports that there is a shed load of work but that he is absolutely loving tutorials and student life in general. He was also very enthusiastic about a lecture he had attended given by Roger Penrose who designed the tiling outside the Maths Institute; son was sporting a hoodie with the tiling on it and tried to explain to me why the tiling was important- but you can just read about it on the link if you are interested.We also took him for a meal in The Eagle and Child,  it seems he has been pretty much living off Tesco's value food and kebabs.

Penrose tiling

Penrose hoodie

We also visited the Ashmolean Museum, although we didn't really have as much time as we would have liked. On Sunday morning we went to Sung Eucharist at the Cathedral at Christ Church. On our way back we visited Bletchley Park, again there wasn't enough time to get round everything and we hope to visit again as you can return within twelve months and reuse your ticket- tickets are  pinned up on the board in the kitchen but that is no guarantee we won't forget them. All in all, a lovely trip away. Just a shame to have to get back to the routine!


  1. Thanks Bo. I hope starting the new term hasn't been too awful.

  2. I hope you paid tribute to Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams while you were at the Eagle & Child!

    Iffy Vicar

  3. Oh, I did. I was right next to a picture based on The Hobbit to remind me.

  4. As the crow flies, we don't live that far from Bletchley. I'd really like to visit, esp. in light of the new film about Touring.