Monday, 20 October 2014

Tattie Harvest!

Over the summer I've grown radishes, dwarf runner beans and regular crops of salad leaves, all in tubs and pots on the patio alongside the usual sweet peas. This year I also managed an unplanned potato crop! This came about because I use our own compost in which to grow veg and one day, in between the salad leaves , I noticed a little seedling that looked a lot like a potato plant. I left it for a few days and, once I was sure it was a potato plant, I dug it up and transplanted it into its own pot. The only explanation is that it must have come from an eye in a potato peeling left still unrotted in the compost ( I had forked it  over a few days before and a peeling must have worked its way down.) Since it was so keen to live and grow, I thought I would give it a chance, and it not only grew into a bit of a monster, it produced a crop which wasn't bad seeing it just came from the compost. We are planning to eat the tattie crop, it looks like they are King Edwards, with some slow roasted pork chops and apple sauce on Wednesday.

At the moment I just grow veg in pots but the plan is to create a little vegetable garden. Mr M felled two pine trees this summer revealing a lovely sunny spot next to the wall which we think would be ideal for raised beds. Then I can grow runner beans, onions, potatoes and salad and will officially be as middle aged as I possibly can:)


  1. You could use the felled tree trunks to make a little 'walled' raised bed for your future crops.
    Hope you enjoy your unexpected bonus spuds.

  2. That's a good idea, Ray. I will share this with the landscape gardener (aka Mr M!)

  3. If you have room for a couple of courgette plants, you'll find that the home-grown ones are much nicer than bought. You can pick them when they're little and sweet, and eat the flowers too. Matchstick courgettes & torn courgette flowers are lovely in smoked salmon pasta. (BTW though I'm now middle-aged/elderly, I've been gardening since I was 8! So it's not just for the middle-aged...)
    Iffy VIcar

  4. Ants moved into my tubs and ate my potatoes...

  5. Shame...(about the ants)
    Santa is bringing me courgette seeds in my stocking this Christmas...