Monday, 14 July 2014

Let your light shine

I've just returned from a very peaceful retreat; this photo was taken on the last night after a prayer session in which  each member was represented by a candle. On my return I heard that Synod has passed the legislation which will allow women bishops. I thought this a very positive move but at the same time felt a slight sadness to think of the levels of bitterness - and what could seem like contempt or even hatred that the process has involved, along with (and I know this seems paradoxical) a sense of grief for those who will now feel hurt and angry. I also think many observers will be bemused that it took so long and was so difficult to manage - or maybe not many people will really even care.
Not sure the Church has let a light shine in the management of this issue but perhaps it will have more success in its practical implementation.

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  1. "The proof of the pudding" as they say. Not holding my breath.