Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Me time

After a very busy year I am at last finding I have a little more "breathing space" and a chance to pick up a few of the things that I just had to drop. I haven't blogged much over the past two weeks, and in fact I have pretty much stayed off the Internet, but I have read several books, had some early nights and weekend lie ins, done some baking and a bit of gardening. It feels like I've been recovering! It has been lovely.
  I have also started to get back to my previous levels of exercise with three to four gym sessions a week. I had dropped down to just one or two sessions at one point and was starting to find that I was struggling to work out to my previous levels. A real delight over this last few weeks is that I am starting to relish exercise again and to wake up in the mornings full of energy.
All of this has made me think about how we do need time for ourselves; it is not selfish and is really not an optional extra. Our health benefits if we have time to look after ourselves properly. We could all do with taking more exercise and eating more healthily given the rise in obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, and our emotional and spiritual selves also need time and space and attention.
I am hoping I will have more free time next year, not too much free time or we won't be able to pay the bills (which won't be good for anyone's health)... but still, a little more time to look around and appreciate all the good things we have.
Hoping you find time to appreciate life this week!

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  1. On Friday of last week I handed in a whole re-write of a chapter of my thesis, along with an Appendix (itself originally part of the chapter, but when the chapter became too long, I decided to remove it and let it languish as an appendix). In total I submitted 28,500 words – including a 12 page bibliography. It is the last of the ‘great’ chapters of the thesis and hopefully the whole thing can be submitted in the near future – at present it stands at 125,000 words and needs to drastic editing!

    So on Saturday I kept a promise to my partner and we went out for a pub lunch, then a walk over the fields near where we live (it’s a bit like a Southern Alderley Edge, where we live – with some lovely country side within walking distance of our front door) and then coffee and a sticky cake at one of the towns many cafes that cater for Ladies who Lunch. I made a point of not going into the study and turning on the PC. I felt dreadfully guilty all day, but it needs to be done. We need ‘me’ time and we need ‘couple’ time.

    I hope you enjoy the summer!