Sunday, 15 December 2013

O Sapientia

O Wisdom, coming forth from the mouth of the 
Most High,
Reaching from one end to the other mightily,
And sweetly ordering all things:
Come and teach us the way of prudence.

Tomorrow marks the start of the Antiphons of Advent, the first is on the theme of wisdom. The process of waiting expectantly for something means that we yearn for and wonder about it. To ponder the nature of the God brings greater understanding and wisdom.
One of our wedding hymns was “Now thank we all our God”, and we chose it to represent our thankfulness on that day but also because it has a lot to say about the role of faith to guide us,

O may this bounteous God through all our lives be near us,
With ever joyful hearts and blessed peace to cheer us
And keep us in his grace, and guide us when perplexed
And free us from all ills in this world and the next.

Now some of the sentiments of that verse I cannot agree with- God never offers to free us from all ills, a very misguided idea indeed, but the upside is that He does guide us when perplexed if we turn to Him.  I have certainly had times in my life when I have been perplexed. I remember at one time I was facing a challenging situation and, the church I then attended had as part of the liturgy a phrase along the lines of,
“Be with us Lord when the situation is so difficult that nothing we do seems the right choice
Throughout that difficult time, this single line was something which helped and sustained me and I began to listen out for it each week and felt that I was understood and spoken to through those words. I am glad to say that I was able to find a way forwards and believe that God was with me.
I am not laying claim to being a particularly wise person. I make plenty of stupid decisions, do, think and say foolish things, and behave in ways that are selfish, petty or short sighted. But I do know that the part of me where the greatest wisdom resides is also the part of me where God resides. It is when I seek answers from God, and when I look to that within me that is most Godly, that I find the truest answers and the clearest guidance.

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