Saturday, 7 December 2013

Advent Freedom

Reconciliation seems to be emerging as my Advent theme this year. Advent brings hope, a promise of freedom for the captive, but Christ did not come, as many thought he would, to take sides and overthrow the external oppressor. He came to free us from the prison of ourselves. This does not mean we should not fight injustice and oppression, but to be truly free we must be prepared to be reconciled. As the quote above shows, Mandela's ability to facilitate the process of reconciliation for a nation began first within his heart and soul.


  1. Mandela was fortunate in being able to facilitate and foster reconciliation. I wonder whether reconciliation is possible for those whose injustices which are done against them are not recognised.

  2. Perhaps not because reconciliation implies a two way process. Forgiveness can, of course, be one sided and there are many cases of people who have forgiven when the perpetrator has given no indication of remorse and there has been no formal justice or redress for those wrongs. Jesus on the cross forgives an injustice which is not recognised (other than by his followers.) I do think this is one of the hardest things though and , yes, it is sometimes not possible.