Monday, 25 November 2013

God and sinners reconciled

Next Sunday is the start of Advent and yesterday was Christ the King. In the meeting yesterday quite a few people spoke, more so than usual, and many of the themes, or so it seemed to me, circled around the ideas of the power of reconciliation over revenge. I found this striking as I had been thinking about Advent, which is perhaps my favourite season in the Church's calendar, and how the Incarnation speaks to us of reconciliation- of God coming to earth to be with us and to reconcile us to Himself and to each other. Reconciliation is also a key feature of the Kingdom of God. It is a Kingship and Kingdom not based on this world's values of power or of self seeking but rather of the impulse of sympathy towards the other, of giving and not taking.
We so badly need to learn the impulse of reconciliation toward God and towards each other, and perhaps we are called to repent in Advent because of our constant failure to live up to this selfless ideal.  I thought of speaking about Advent during the meeting but I kept silent instead. I felt enough had been said and something I am learning is that silence is often better than words. Words do have their place though and, in the Advent video above, words, music and image combine wonderfully to create the meaning of Advent for me.
If you follow the Celtic calendar then Advent is forty days long and so mirrors Lent that other period of repentance and reflection- so wishing you a blessed Advent for next week, or for now!

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