Thursday, 28 November 2013

Ex-pats and the stiff upper lip

Wonderful! As someone who spent so much of her life in British Army overseas postings this makes me feel almost proud...


  1. The wonderful French and Saunders. :-)) I've seen some of the same attitudes amongst expats in France, even in my very limited experience.

  2. I was at an aunt’s funeral a few years ago... Toddling along in the limo on the way to the crem – squeezed between my cousin and her (TV celebrity chef!) son. My other cousin was moaning about England, how his home town had been swapped with Pakis and Poles... And went on to tell us how wonderful it was living on a gated estate on one of the Costas... We were en route to his mother’s funeral, so I didn’t labour the irony...

    In the 1980s I well remember my brother telling his son off for having a pack of football cards that included a ‘nigger’ player (his description, not mine...) – I pulled my brother up about this... He’s an ex-pat and is at present in Dubai with wife number 4 – this time a (mail order?) Russian, after one failed marriage and several relationships with Chinese women younger than his daughter – so we think the Russian an improvement. He invited his son to meet one of the Chinese girlfriends and he refused, saying he didn’t want to spend an evening with some ‘Chink’. My bother was appalled at his son’s small mindedness...

    On a lighter note, the Sauder’s character reminds me of many of my female clients, when I was adults’ social worker for the West End, Pimlico and Belgravia. I met some wonderful characters.