Friday, 13 September 2013


 I have been crazily busy with work, with the odd domestic crisis thrown in for good measure, since...gosh, must be since St Bernard's day on the 20th August! This is a quick summary:
1. I was tasked this year with organising the Lower Sixth introduction day to College, complete with "fun activities" (for them, not me), talks and stalls for visiting local employers, institutions and college clubs, all set up in our Sports Hall.
2. I've been so busy that I've hardly facebooked, blogged or browsed the web for anything non work related for almost two weeks. I actually feel quite proud of this and have been thinking about how much time the Internet can take and about its negative influence on so many of us.
3. Our boiler has broken, we've had no hot water for several days. I've had to make do without baths/ showers - I am not sure that is so positive for anyone...
4. The boiler chose the same day to break as Mr M went to Ireland on a business trip. Sod's law. At least he has work coming in though.
5. I am trying to do more house work, this is largely because Mr M seems to be getting more work coming his way and I feel I should. Oh, and there are things to be ironed that now don't get done unless I do them.
6. My teaching groups are absolutely delightful and include a lovely A level literature group (really important, especially as my group last year were a bit silent.)
7. The Church in Wales has voted to have women bishops. It's good really, still overdue by about forty years so I'm pleased but more "should-bloody-well-think-so" than "wow-how-wonderful".
8. I will soon be forty seven. That is the sort of age that you realise that, yes, fifty is not far away and that is a bit weird.

Anyhow, due to some of the above, I'm not sure I am going to have that much time to blog this year (not because the boiler is broken or because I am nearly 47 obviously...)
See you when I see you :(