Saturday, 22 June 2013

Just when you think it can't get worse...

I heard an item on the news yesterday about the Church of England embracing paganism in a bid to attract members and be more relevant. OK...I can think of more sensible things it could do first...but never mind...
 I suspect this is a fine example of the way that the media will run with any daft news story about the Church. I do just want to say though that if churches start to fill up with kaftan clad hippies talking about shamanic healing, spirit guides, or recipes for nettle soup, then I definitely am  leaving and never coming back.


  1. Somehow I think the danger is slight Suem.

    Shambles off, bare feet slapping the pavements, flower in tangled hair wilting, chanting mantra,
    "make war, not love, oops!, think I've got that wrong, can't remember, can't remember"

  2. What's the problem with recipes for nettle soup?

  3. Remind me to link you in to the story of how I spent last weekend teaching Celtic Christian spirituality for an MA at a C of E theological college. OK, I'm a paid-up Oxbridge medieval historian, but I'm also a druid. It was richly ironic as they were ALL far, far more wooly and way-out than me! And, to be fair, I think Pagans are spluttering in much the same way as you about this preposterous idea...

  4. Great to see all your pagan tendencies coming out:)
    I have actually been given a recipe for nettle soup by a Quaker friend (just haven't made it yet due to fear of contamination with dog piss.) And to be frank THAT'S where I go if I want people to talk to me about the summer solstice, shamanic healing, spirit guides, best joss sticks in town...etc. In the C of E I expect curmudgeonly church wardens, traditional hymns and Victoria sponge.Sorry, but that is just how it should be...
    I am now conscious that I've grossly misrepresented Quakerism. Heartfelt apologies to any Quaker friends reading this and I promise to be silent in meeting for at least four weeks as pay back...:)