Sunday, 17 February 2013


 I'm not too keen on the wilderness, don't know about you?
I do understand the principle, the idea that in the wilderness we have to completely turn to and rely on God just as the children of Israel did, and to be tempted and resist, just as Jesus did. I just think that most wildernesses, not the ones we play act in Lent but the  real ones such as  loneliness, pain, depression, bereavement, poverty or failure aren't actually that good for us. When you are going through a real wilderness, I suspect it is as common to feel abandoned by God and fairly useless as it is to experience any great deepening of faith ( though I think when we look back on a wilderness patch, we can sometimes learn from it.)
It was interesting this morning to think about the idea that Jesus was baptised just before going into the wilderness and how much he would have needed to hear that he was God's beloved son with whom he was well pleased. Maybe the biggest danger when going through a wilderness is that we can forget we are beloved and that God is still with us?

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