Monday, 4 February 2013

Start as you mean to go on

When I say, "start as you mean to go on", I refer to the media and not to Justin Welby. We are told that Welby used his first public address to confirm his opposition to gay marriage ; I rather think he had little choice but to speak on the issue given that he was immediately asked this question by journalists. I do wonder what they expected him to say? Maybe something along the lines of, "Actually I rethought that one last night, and d'you know what, I'm pretty cool with it." (Now that would be fun! Can you imagine the fuss?)
A much more thoughtful journalistic response to today can be found  this article by Robert Piggot which considers the burden of this role. The idea of him as taking a huge burden on his shoulders made me think of someone taking up their own particular cross- perhaps a daunting and lonely task. I really think a constructive thing the  church could do is pray a bit more. In particular they could pray for Justin Welby as I suggested here . God knows he might need it.


  1. Quite right, Sue. What else could he say in those particular circumstances? I think the new Archbishop needs all the prayers he can get. It's an impossible task he's just taken on.

  2. The truth is that he was actually very low key. "New Archbishop is not particularly confrontational on gay marriage" doesn't make a great headline though. How lovely for him that the media are trying to manafacture a story already! They won't stop either, it will be relentless. However much I am out of love with the C of E when it comes to all its officialdom, this sort of hounding is just wrong. Various groups from the media to factions within the church, will hinder him from doing his job. Can't help but feel sympathy for him.