Sunday, 9 December 2012

Advent Prayer

As streets fill with shoppers
Bright lights and tempting offers
Christmas songs and children’s laughter
You lead us along a different path
To a desert river and a Prophetic voice
A call to repentance
A call to service
A call to immerse ourselves
In living water that will never run dry
A call to prepare a way in our own lives
For the Saviour of the world to enter in
To know the touch of tender mercy
And rest in your forgiving love
For your faithful prophets
And your Living Word
We give you thanks. Amen

Attribution : Christian prayers and resources


  1. Love this one Sue. Blessings and thanks !!

  2. Thank you Philomena, especially as I find your site such a blessing. I've a feeling this prayer came from a link I found on your site:)