Sunday, 8 July 2012

Saturday at Synod- Same sex marriage petition

On Saturday morning, supporters of Changing Attitude met the Rev Ian Stubbs outside York Minister to accompany him on the last leg of his journey to present a petition to the representatives of the Archbishop of York. The Rev Ian Stubbs decided to launch the  Not in my name petition in response to the House of Bishops statement on same sex marriage which was published last month. The statement attracted criticism from many within the church.
Ian Stubbs is the parish priest of All Saints in Glossop and was reported as saying,
‘I am bitterly disappointed by the Church's shameful and outdated response to the proposals for gay marriage, it shows a lack of moral courage and risks further undermining the credibility and relevance of the Church of England in modern life."
Presenting the petition
He collected 4,000 signatures in only two weeks and said the response of the majority of people had been positive.


  1. It is good to read a postive news story about the church, we might read a few negative ones in the days to come: conflict over the issue of women bishops & the inevitable hoo-ha over the new A.B.C.!

  2. Well, I wouldn't sign it!

  3. Does that mean you actually agree with the House of Bishops statement, or just that you couldn't care less? (I'm guessing the second!)

  4. Nobody is lobbying the Imams and Rabbis for gay marriage in Mosques and Synagogues - so what's different about the CofE? Civil SSM is fine by me, but I don't expect (nor want) religious institutions to bend over backwards to accommodate civil law.


    There's actually a very active gay group, rather provocatively called "Imaan" which campaigns for LGBT rights in Islam, including marriage equality. I met Pav Akhtar in 2008 and he spoke about his work trying to change attitudes in Islam.(I've not met a Jewish group, I'm sure there is one!)

    The "Not in my name" petition is not lobbying for gay marriage in church anyway, as far as I can see, it is giving a voice to those within the Church of England who feel the official statement produced by the House of Bishops was not something which reflected their/ our views. There are other views and opinions on the matter held by those who are also a part of the Church of England and that should be acknowledged.