Monday, 23 July 2012

Discrimination or fair enough?

I have to say that I am really not a fan of the Christian Institute and can't bear it when they bang on about being a persecuted minority.On the other hand,  I can't be the only person who thinks that the National Secular Society's attempt to ban free Sunday parking for church goers on the grounds that it infringes the 2010 Equality Act seems just a tad bitter and mean spirited?


  1. The problem is our Christian chums over at the Christian Institute haven't exactly been lacking in the meanness stakes have they? As far as I can remember, the Gospel demands of its followers that they should turn the other cheek; when sued for their shirt, they are supposed to offer their cloak as well and bear insults and slights with fortitude and forgiveness. But of course (in some ways echoing with your previous posts) these are costly demands and perhaps that is why, to some degree at least, the Christian Institute and a gaggle of other similar ‘conservative’ Christian lobbying groups have adopted the strategy of equating righteousness and Christian living as meaning anything and everything that makes life hard for the queers. I wonder if anyone at the CI or the like, suggested to the Bulls – the B&B owners from Cornwall - that perhaps they should just turn the other cheek? Or when sued, offer their duffle-coats as well? How odd these vehemently Bible Believing Christians are so eager to tell us the meaning of Lev 18:22, yet seem strangely silent when it comes to Matt 5:40 and its costly companions?

    Yes, I think the Secular Society is being rather mean, but I think the CI et el have been just as mean and thus, as we were told at primary school when and where we first learned the art of petty squabbles and motiveless vindictiveness: ‘Two wrongs, don’t make a right...’.


  2. I'm always amazed they are oblivious to the irony when they speak of "bullying tactics" or "an aggressive gay agenda". Really does cut both ways!