Monday, 11 June 2012

WATCH "cannot support measure"

Watch has published a statement of concerns saying that it cannot support the amended legislation. It is fairly long but concludes,

The amendment to clause 5 means that the legislation no longer meets the objective of the Manchester Report (2008) that legislation should ‘avoid any flavour of discrimination or half-heartedness by the Church towards women priests and bishops.’

 WATCH has grave concerns about the amendment to Clause 5 and the WATCH committee cannot support the Measure as it now stands. However, it will fall to General Synod members, to make up their own minds and decide whether, in good conscience, they can support the legislation as amended.

 Our consultation suggests that the amended Measure is at grave risk of being voted down by the very Synod members who most strongly support women becoming bishops. It is a tragedy that after so much work and so much compromise, this should be the situation a month before the final vote.

It will be interesting to gauge the mood of Synod on the matter next month ; business on the legislation takes place on Monday 9th July.


  1. Having read the Watch statement, I think they have been restrained and generous. I remain puzzled that the Bishops could have been so out of touch as not to realise the implications of their amendments, and the probably reactions to them. An experienced observer commented to me that the bishops had become so absorbed in their own dioceses, and with particular clergy, that they had lost sight of the wider picture. Sadly, I think he's right.
    Unfortunately the collegiality of the House of Bishops prevents us from knowing by what majority the decision was reached and how many spoke against the amendments. I would like to think that some at least of the Bishops were more enlightened!

    Iffy Vicar

  2. By all accounts the House of Bishops, taken as a whole, is a strange dysfunctional lot. Having a wider picture is not their forte! The sooner they get some women in there the better!