Friday, 22 June 2012

Learning from the heretics

Another great post from, Benny Hazelhurst, that well known heretic:) It made me think generally how the word "heresy" is a label we give to ideas which we fear because they challenge us. Perhaps what the Church objected to most about Galileo's "heresy" was that it threatened the power and authority of the Church itself. In the past, when the Church did have more power, it was inclined to kill heretics and justified this in a variety of ways. It was prepared to kill in the name of religion, not to honour God or to protect others but to protect its own interests and its own power. It is quite ironic, because as Yevgeny Zamyatin said:

 “The world is kept alive only by heretics: the heretic Christ, the heretic Copernicus, the heretic Tolstoy. Our symbol of faith is heresy."

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