Saturday, 23 June 2012

Do dogs have souls? (Part twenty)

A dog called Mugly has won the world's ugliest dog competition. At Significant Truths we are incensed - don't they know how to see a dog's inner beauty!!!? We're not going to moan too much though because Mugly has won a year's supply of free dog biscuits, which to a dog is much more important.


  1. His owner said "he's a sweet sensitive dog".
    More than can be said for her.

    How could the loving owner of even the most unphotogenic of animals subject him/her to such a
    public humiliation?

    I hope he bites her.

  2. It was a shame his owner was lacking in the sensitivity department - some might say she wasn't so very prepossessing and might require the " I've got a good personality" fall back herself...:)