Saturday, 19 May 2012

WATCH letter to House of Bishops

The House of Bishop is meeting this coming week and Rachel Weir has sent the following  letter on behalf of WATCH urging them to resist making any amendment to  the current draft Measure concerning women in the episcopate  which goes before Synod in July. The letter is worth reading.  Given the strength of the support for the measure in its current form - it was supported by 42 out of 44 diocese - I find it somewhat depressing that there is such a real fear that there will be further tinkerings, dilutions and last minute amendments.
However, there will be attempts to intervene, and this article looking at the developments in Southwark dioceses gives some indication of the lengths to which a small but influential group is prepared to go in their opposition to women's ministry, as well as to LGBT rights - if these can even be properly said to exist in the church- and general "liberalism", whatever that is.


  1. Sue, your link isn't working.

  2. It should be working now, Perpetua. I know I've left the r off...:)

  3. Thanks, Sue. Both the letter and the article are well worth reading. I find the self-righteousness of the conservative evangelicals nauseating and to be honest if what they preach is 'true' Christianity, I'd have to find another name for myself.