Friday, 25 May 2012

Everyday counsel and comfort

I came home today and blogged on the women bishops legislation.  Given that it is Pentecost this weekend, I really wanted to blog on the much more refreshing subject of the Holy Spirit. Following the reading last Sunday, I've been thinking that one of the reassuring things about the disciples is that they were a well meaning but pretty clueless bunch really. Jesus always seemed to be explaining things to them, telling them to listen if they had ears. They weren't always the sharpest knives in the drawer. How on earth were they going to cope - practically, emotionally, spiritually, theologically- when he went away?
Seeing as this rather sorry group had been picked to spread the good news and to undertake a huge practical and spiritual endeavour that would require them to be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves, it was a good job reinforcements were on their way! It's a good job for us because we are equally useless, clueless, and tied to the way of the world. I've been thinking about the role of the Holy Spirit in particular as counsellor - guiding us when we are perplexed, and as comforter - encouraging us when we might otherwise give up. The Holy Spirit is often seen as a bit of a crash-bang-wallop power house, this is a legitimate aspect, but can make us overlook the gentleness of the Spirit which guides us and keeps us atuned to God's wisdom and world view.
Anyhow, these two songs really spoke to me about the role of the Spirit. I particularly like the idea of an Everyday God,  of the spirit as an everyday, very ordinary and practical source of counsel and comfort.


  1. Thanks for this. I especially like the Everyday God song.

  2. I agree with Nancy. The Everyday God song is lovely. So is the concept - not a common one - and, so are the images.

  3. I should have said that I got the Everday God song from Blue Eyed Ennis (in the sidebar)- a blog I really recommend as a place to be nurtured.