Wednesday, 4 April 2012


A lovely post about Peter, on the theme of betrayal, failure and forgiveness by Benny Hazelhurst. Benny points out that Jesus consciously reminds Peter of his former betrayal, in fact John 21:17 says that Peter was  deeply hurt by Jesus' words. Jesus does not remind Peter simply in order to hurt him though - perhaps more because the betrayal of Jesus was a defining moment of Peter's life and journey of faith. It was a memory which was too important to forget. The danger was that Peter's shame might lead him to bury or deny this memory when it was the one from which he could learn and be transformed.
Peter is perhaps one of the most transformed people in the gospels. Those who feel they have failed desperately, yet still discover they are forgiven, understand love in a way that others simply cannot. The man who chose to save his own skin and turn his back on his dearest friend  went on to be a courageous leader and a rock on which to build. He does point the way to how failure is not something that gets in the way of growth, but rather something which is central to growth, development and knowledge of ourselves and God.


  1. Thanks Suem,
    I did follow the links and liked what Benny had to say.
    At the moment I'm in a bit of a backwarer as far as 'going to church' is concerned, so this was a timley reflection for me.
    I like what you've said about brokenness/failure etc being important and central to growth, development and knowledge.

  2. Thanks JO. Funnily enough, I bumped into a friend yesterday. She was at the church that I used to go to ages ago -before I got into "a bit of a backwater" and finally left. She'd encouraged me to stay (I didn't.)I asked her how church was going and she said she didn't really go anymore! It's strange isn't it how we go through different phases and find ourselves in different place and those we thought were completely secure and "together" maybe weren't?
    I wish you a very blessed Easter! Lovely to have you commenting and sharing here:)