Friday, 13 April 2012

Now we hear that Anglican Mainstream and Core Issues are going to sue Boris Johnson! To what end, I wonder?  A statement from Anglican Mainstream, explained the action thus:
   “Thanks to Boris we have been given lots of extra publicity for our side but it’s still outrageous. We’re going to throw the book at him. To have Boris’ jackboot stamp down on legitimate debate is ludicrous.”
The worst thing is the message that this risks giving to the majority of non-christians, gay or straight, about what Christians are like, our attitudes, treatment of others and the core message of Christianity.  I worry that it will give the message that the Christian faith is about being on a "side", about reacting with anger and hatred and about judging and scapegoating others without seeing the plank in our own eye. Christ told us to love our neighbour. When asked, "Who is my neighbour?", he described someone whom his listeners had been taught to judge and despise.
The above is my  message on the matter this evening, it is a reminder to all of us about the underlying principles that should guide our actions. The link for the bus slogan generator is here if you are inclined to invent your own!


  1. Hey, thanks so much for the link to the slogan generator. I had the most fun. Thank you! x

  2. 'jackboot'? [irony overload]

  3. Simian says it all really, over at Stuart James' blog (amid the usual right of centre ranting from narrow minded and eager to accuse and grouse bigots that seem to congregate there...)

    "Erm. The Stonewall ad does not encourage discrimination, does not make use of contoversial data, and does not potentally promote fear and/or hatred toward ‘people not like us’ does it? Wheras the ‘Anglican Mainstream and Core Issues Trust’ sponsored ad potentially does. It really does. Can people not see the difference?
    I’m neither Gay nor, I hope, extremist, but I regard the Stonewall ad as a simple affirmation, and the counter ad as a deliberately rabble rousing attack. I personally find it offensive, but that’s not the point. More importantly it is deeply unhelpful, and I cannot see any good intention behind it. It comes across more as as childish knee jerk riposte, without regard for consequences to real people.

  4. My pleasure Stuart. I like your slogan.
    Yes, I thought that, Bo...(takes one to know one.)
    Thanks for your contribution via the very sensible Simian
    (Simian-the-sensible?) Anonymous!