Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday songs

I don't often post worship songs! This is partly because the "Oh-dear-that's-not-Anglican" part of me can find them a bit happy clappy :) and also because they can all sound the same after you've heard a few. However, I am posting the two  rather different songs below for Good Friday.
The first was sent to me by a friend recently and they told me it meant a great deal to the as it helped them make sense of suffering and difficulties in their life.  I hesitated to post it because I am very wary of  saying trite things about human suffering  (such as, "God lets us suffer because it draws us closer to him") but at the same time some of us do find redemption as much  because of pain, difficulty and failure as much as despite it. Those who really turn to and rely on God sometimes have a greater sense of the tenderness of his love.

Meanwhile, Peter Carrell at Anglican Down Under has been posting a series of Easter Hymns and  has posted  the one below for Good Friday. I am sure he won't mind me posting it too:

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