Saturday, 24 March 2012

Church of England rejects the Covenant

I have just got back from a day of friendship and fellowship in Bristol and am pretty shattered, so this will be brief. Mr M picked me up and the station and practically greeted me with the words, "The Anglican Covenant has been kicked into touch!" There are now too many dioceses which have rejected it for it to gain a majority. The defeat of the Covenant in England is, of course, a bit of a body blow. It is somewhat embarrassing to have the Archbishop's key proposal to help assauges the difficulties which face the Communion rejected on home ground.  It is not exactly a vote of confidence. It is also a strange thought that the Archbishop is integral to Anglicanism, one of the Instruments of Communion, and yet the understanding is really that provinces which vote against, although not exactly to be excluded are a second tier (read second rate...) part of the Communion.
Bet he's gladder than ever to be off to those dreaming spires.
 Anyone really want the job?

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