Saturday, 3 March 2012


 I was interested, although also saddened,  to hear Bishop Victoria Matthew's talking about the plans to take down and rebuild Christchurch Cathedral in the wake of last year's earthquakes.This link is to a news item on the plans to take down the remains of Christchurch cathedral and to begin rebuilding a new and safer building. I believe it has been decided that the cost of repairing the building would be too great. The decision to demolish the cathedral has been a heartbreaking one for those involved, and some remain opposed to the move. Bishop Matthews said, "We are now looking to the future and creating a beautiful, inspiring, safe new cathedral but we understand it will take some time for any of these decisions to be made"
The demolition will proceed in a way that it appropriate and respectful. Peter Carrell from Anglican Down Under reports on the grief  and conflict caused  by the need to recognise that a much loved place of worship could not be salvaged. I am sure the thoughts and prayers of many will be with them at this time.

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