Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Thank God for atheists!

 I couldn't help but be amused listening to this little discussion between Giles Fraser and Richard Dawkins. If you haven't heard this already, Dawkins is asserting that most people who self identify as Christian are not actually so because they cannot, for example, name the first book of the bible. Then Fraser suddenly asks Dawkins to give the full title of The Origins of the Species - and it is quite fun to listen to him stutter and stumble as he is unable to do so.

I have a lot of time for atheism (honestly!) For a start, all the people I live with, AKA my family, are either atheists or agnostics. I would hate to live in a society without a diversity of views and I would hate to live in a theocracy. I am glad of a degree of secularism because I think curbs the intolerance to which societies with a religious basis are often prone. The problem is that atheism itself can become an all consuming ideology. A "fundamentalist" atheist can come across as ever bit as narrow, joyless and prejudiced as a fundamentalist of any other ilk, and, dare I say it, when atheists assert the  absolute superiority of their beliefs they can be just  as "irrational" in their aridity and lack of perspective as those they decry. The militant secularism which we observe today takes itself terribly seriously and often seems to have had a sense of humour bypass.

Perhaps that's why I couldn't resist a chuckle at Richard Dawkins expense and I recommend this clip to brighten up your day!


  1. Oh, brilliant, Sue! I missed this, so thanks for posting it. I must confess to feeling a touch of Schadenfreude at seeing Dawkins hoist by his own petard.

  2. Fr Ivor Sidebottom14 February 2012 at 16:42

    At least you have Bessie as a devout believer who shares your faith. Shall I come round to your house and give your family some Anglican Mainstream Tracts? That will put them off for life.

  3. Hi Perpetua,I thought it had gone viral - so if I have allowed just one person to experience it, that's a result!

    Fr Sidebottom, Bessie is indeed a bible believing dog. It is good that we can regularly debate issues in faith and theology and deplore the parlous state of the other members of the household.