Saturday, 18 February 2012

Covenant rejections

As you may have realised, I've kind of lost interest in the Anglican Covenant recently.  I've come to feel  that, in the face of less than wholesale support, it really will lack teeth and I question whether it will have much impact either for good or for ill if it is adopted. I do know people who mount a strong case to say that it will have a pernicious stultifying effect on the Chuch and Communion as a whole, and they may well be spot on.  I don't think we know what the Covenant would do until we have it,  which given its potential seems a good enough argument against it in itself.

Anyway, news has just come in (via Facebook) that Rochester diocese has rejected the Anglican Covenant.- apparently along with three other dioceses today. If this news is true, then the "score" so far is ten rejections to five adoptions. It is, of course, early days but it is also true to say that enough dioceses have now voted to possibly give some indication of the general mood of the Church of England on this issue. For the Covenant to be rejected on home turf would surely be seen by some as disloyalty to Rowan Williams, that is what makes these figures even more significant.
Another case of wait and see.

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