Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Giving and trusting

One of the most important things my faith has taught me is that unless you give, and give selflessly, you will never be truly whole. It is a message that is woven into Christ's life and teaching; it turns the "make sure there is something in it for you" philosophy of the world on its head and reveals that you cannot gain your life unless you lose it.  I am convinced that most of us are not very good at giving. I once read that all of us, deep down, are fearful that one day we will be left with nothing, destitute on a street corner or alone with nobody to love us. There is a fear at the heart of all of us that if we give too much away (whether love, time or  money) we will lose out,  be hurt, or simply get nothing in return. In contrast, the Gospel tells us that there is nothing we can give away that does not enrich us more.
 I think this challenging message is worth pondering on Valentine's and every day. It is the message of what it is to love. It is also the message of what it is to trust.  If we find it hard to trust, it will be difficult to give. The concept of giving and not counting the cost is valid for everyone, whether partnered or single and no matter what our circumstances are. It sounds very idealistic, but amazingly it actually works in a very practical sense. It is pure freedom, it completes us, it makes us whole. Our capacity to give also reflects our awareness of how much we have been given, another lesson we have to learn is that we can't out give God and that the heart of God is pure abundance.
Before I sound too pious, the lesson of giving (and trusting)  is one that I am very bad at learning, or rather, having learnt it, God has to keep teaching it to me again and again and again!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Suem,
    it's true that I need to keep learning this lesson.